In light of the fact that the Kyiv Extension holds western accreditation, applicants to the TST-KE must go through the exact same admissions process as do the applicants to Talbot in California.The process includes several stages. Application requirements can be found on the appropriate pages. Questions regarding acceptance after the application has been submitted can be directed to the extension staff.The program is designed for the simultaneous study of 30 students, which averages between 10-20 students enrolled in each course. Intake of new students takes place annually, although documents can be submitted anytime during the year. For acceptance into the fall semester, the application deadline is April 15.

Step One: Initial Application Form - This one-page form can be downloaded from our website. Complete this form and submit it back to us by email.

Step Two: Full Application Form - This document can also be downloaded from our website. This is the official application, which must be printed out and completed by hand. Provide the completed application either by regular post or in person to the Talbot office at KTS. In addition to the application it is also necessary to provide the following to the admissions department: three recommendations (pastor, employer, friend), diploma with transcripts of highest earned degree, two passport photographs, and an essay stating what the applicant plans to do upon receiving a master’s degree from Talbot School of Theology.

Step Three: English Fluency Exam and Interview with TST-KE Leadership - The three-hour written exam includes a vocabulary portion and a comprehension portion, i.e., reading a text and providing written answers to questions about said text. All documents listed in Step Two must be provided before the exam and the interview. The 30-60 minute interview is conducted in conjunction with the exam, usually upon the exams completion. The time and date of the exam and interview are determined individually for each applicant.

Step Four: Application Processing - Upon completion of all aforementioned steps, the full applicant file is passed on to the graduate admissions office of Biola University for official review and final decision. After the process is complete, the applicant will receive email notification regarding the decision of the admissions office.