We're very happy for the partnership with KTS and the church in Eastern Europe in the ministry of preparing Christian leaders. Our passion is to do all we can to facilitate your relationship with Jesus Christ, to deepen your understanding of the Bible and theology, and to cultivate your skills in ministry.
Dean of Talbot School of Theology,
Dr. Clinton E. Arnold
he East-West partnership of the TST-KE offers exciting possibilities for advanced, accredited theological studies for Christian ministers, as well as for true enrichment in the West. I sincerely invite my brothers and sisters in Eurasia to consider this program as an instrument that God can use, not only for their personal benefit, but also for the benefit of others through them.
Director of TST-KE
Dr. Mark Saucy
The Talbot program at KTS is, for us, a blessing and a challenge. The blessing is having a relationship with those whose example is worthy of following, and the challenge is to strive toward a high-quality Biblical education.
Rector of Kyiv Theological Seminary
Anatoly Prokopchuk

As the on-site leadership of the TST-KE, we are excited to be working closely with both students and professors to help provide an outstanding Talbot education for our fellow believers in Eurasia. We have the privilege of watching the students grow academically and ministerially as they study with us and as we work along side them and visit them in their places of service. Please consider joining us as we work together to train God-honoring, Christ-centered, Spirit-led servants for the church in the Slavic world.
On-site Leadership of TST-KE
Eduard Borysov and Vladimir Yakim