Non-students, both Slavic and expatriate, are allowed to audit Talbot School of Theology - Kyiv Extension (TST-KE) courses under the following conditions and protocols.


  • The course professor must be willing to admit auditing students into his or her class. It is completely the professor's prerogative to admit or not admit auditing students.
  • The TST-KE administration must confirm that there is sufficient classroom space for an auditing student in the course. In no case can an auditing student take the place of a paying Kyiv Extension student. If a TST-KE student enrolls late in a course and requires the seat occupied by an auditing student, the auditing student must give up his or her place in the course to the TST-KE student.
  • The auditing student must have a bachelor-level or Bible-college-level degree in order to request to audit a TST-KE course. Those without such a degree are advised to audit a Kyiv Theological Seminary (KTS) bachelor-level program. KTS master-level students (M.A. in Biblical Counseling & M.A. in Youth Ministry) are welcome to request to audit TST-KE courses.
  • The auditing student must be in agreement with, i.e., be able to sign, the doctrinal statement of the TST-KE.
  • The auditing student must pay all fees required of KTS relating to auditing courses. Fees will be paid to and retained by KTS for operating expenses incurred by the auditing student. The auditing student pays no class fees to the TST-KE.
  • Should an auditing student later apply and be officially accepted into the TST-KE program, he or she will be required to completely retake any course that was audited. There are no exceptions to this condition.
  • The auditing student is to act in a respectful manner throughout the entirety of the audited course. The auditing student should not participate in class discussions unless invited to do so by the professor. During breaks and other non-classroom hours, deference is to be shown to registered TST-KE students who desire to interact with the professor.
  • The course professor is under no obligation to review or grade course work completed by the auditing student. Neither is he under any obligation to provide feedback of any kind to an auditing student.
  • No grade will be given to the auditing student in any case.
  • No evidence that the auditing student audited a TST-KE course will be recorded on any official Biola University transcripts or Registrar documents.
    No single person can audit more than 5 TST-KE courses.


  • The person desiring to audit a course must request permission from a TST-KE administrator a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the start of the course.
  • The administrator will determine whether there is room in the class to accommodate an auditing student. If so, the administrator will pass the request on the to course professor.
  • If the course professor admits the auditing student, the TST-KE will inform this person that their request has been granted and inform them of the course timeline and details. The administrator will also inform the KTS Registrar and Accountant that there is a potential auditing student for a TST-KE course.
  • The person desiring to audit a course must work with the KTS Registrar and Accountant a minimum of 1 week prior to the start of the course in order to resolve all administrative and financial issues relating to a TST-KE audit. Assuming that the TST-KE has confirmed that the auditing student has met the conditions to audit a TST-KE course (not least of which is permission from the course professor), it is the prerogative of KTS to allow the student to audit the TST-KE course. Willingness on either the part of the TST-KE administration or the course professor is not sufficient to allow the student to audit the course.