In order to become a student of the Talbot School of Theology-Kyiv Extension, the applicant must be ready to demonstrate the following:

1. Agreement with the doctrinal statement of Biola University, which can be found on the website. Students will indicate agreement with the doctrinal statement on the application form. The applicant must be involved in local Church ministry and explain in a one-page essay how studying with the TST-KE will help in the realization of his or her calling.

2. Academic qualifications. The applicant must have the equivalent of a bachelor-level degree from either  a secular or Christian higher academic institution. The degree will be evaluated by the Admissions Department of Biola University in order to determine equivalency with international standards.

3. Reading-level English-language proficiency. When necessary, course lectures will be translated into Russian. Written course work and exams will also be completed in Russian. However, approximately half of the required reading will be assigned in English. Similarly, for the writing of research papers, it may be necessary for the student to utilize English resources. In order to evaluate English-language reading proficiency, an exam will be given at the time of the entrance interview.