To date, the TST-KE has graduated 15 students (with graduating classes in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2016).  Most of them are from Ukraine with one from Russia and another from Canada. These men and woman are now ministering throughout Ukraine and beyond as pastors, missionaries, youth directors, IT technicians, theological educators and administrators and small group leaders. We are proud of each one of them as they serve Jesus Christ with the training they received from Talbot.


Studying in the Talbot program, I continually received new ideas for my work in the Bible college, for the organization of church ministry, for sermons, for study and for the cultivation of new leaders.
Serhii Morokhovskyi
2011 graduate
Pondering the need for training in an educational institution leads to the fear that one must make a choice between study and service. However, the Talbot program allows you to deepen your academic knowledge with such intentionality that the student understands how to incarnate that knowledge into real life and ignites the desire to apply it in service to God.
Bogdan Bintsarovskyi
2013 graduate,
Pastor of God’s House, Ternopil
Lectures, assignments and class discussion always encouraged us to think about the application of Scripture because study of the Bible must always lead to change and to following after Christ in one’s personal life, work and ministry, so as to show Him to the world.
Nataliya Tereschenkoо
2011 graduate,
professor at Kyiv Theological Seminary
The program stimulated me to constantly abide in reflection on important biblical truths and this we very valuable to me. Course readings enabled deeper study and introduced me to new, useful resources. And now that I’m done with my studies I can use all of these things in service to the church, which is nothing but a joy.
Svitlana Sukhova
2013 graduate