The TST-KE has 28 current students. Many are from Ukraine but some are from Russia, Kazakhstan and the United States. These brothers and sisters serve as pastors, missionaries, Sunday school teachers, youth directors, theological educators and administrators, sports ministry directors, translators, church planters, IT technicians and university campus ministers. We desire to see each one of them serve our Lord Jesus Christ more faithfully and effectively with the training they are receiving from Talbot.


A relatively short time ago, I came to understand that to ask the right question is more important than to hear a plethora of good ideas. What Talbot School of Theology does for me, sometimes with a blaring horn and sometimes through quiet contemplation, is to ask more questions. Questions that won’t leave me alone and that aren’t founded on cliché. Questions that cause me to look on the world more broadly, more deeply into Scripture, more attentively at my own heart and higher to our God.
Viacheslav Nedzelskyi
I am very glad to be a student in the Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies program of Talbot School of Theology at KTS. The program is filled with much-needed courses and the depth and professionalism of the course materials enables a deep study of Scripture. Every course motivates the student in their personal relationship with God and allows them to experience the process of spiritual formation through prayer, study of Scripture and service. It is namely that which is essential for the today’s ministers, leaders and teachers of biblical disciplines at all levels.The Talbot faculty is of high caliber, with both excellent academic preparation and much experience in ministry. Student presentations, collaborative research, in-class discussions and the fine, friendly atmosphere engender greater understanding of the subject matter, as well as practical application to ministry. It is also important that Talbot has accreditation with the Association of Theological Schools and that, upon completion of studies, graduates receive an internationally recognized diploma. Undoubtedly, this is the best program for training specialists in their respective areas of ministry.
Ruslan Khmyz
Executive Director of Kyiv Theological Seminary
I study in the TST-KE program for many reasons. First of all, as a pastor, the spiritual component of the program is as important for me as the intellectual level of education. Along with maintaining high academic standards and demanding the same of their students, Talbot also provides the opportunity to develop and perfect one’s personal spiritual characteristics. Secondly, flexibility in the academic calendar, which allows me to independently plan my own schedule and study load, makes it easier to combine study, work and ministry. And, of course, the unique atmosphere created by the administration that exists between students, staff and professors, gives me assurance that I am studying exactly where I should be.
Vadim Yakim
Pastor-teacher of Baptist church, “Hope to the People” in Odessa,
main editor of Ukrainian Christian journal, “Peace to You!”